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Monday, March 20, 2017

Laser Technology to Enhance Computer Speed

Can you imagine that the future of the computer may be more than 100,000 times the equipment we are using now? A research team claimed to have discovered this possibility because they had a breakthrough in the so-called "light wave electronics" field. It is understood that the team of scientists has published their research results in the scientific journal. The researchers let only 100 femtoseconds (1 femtosecond equal to one hundred thousandths of a second) high power laser pointer pulse through a semiconducting crystal, and do control it. This breakthrough by scientists is very important, because the heat generated by the computer should be attributed to the electronic collision, resulting in energy.

laser pointer

This new method allows electrons to move at an incredible speed, but at the same time very precise, so that they do not work in the collision with each other. In the so-called optical wave electronics concept, scientists put forward the theory that electrons can be guided by ultra -fast laser pulses, which is likely to lead to breakthroughs in the field of quantum computers. We all know that the traditional computer world is 0 and 1 of the world, that is, open and off. Although the development of computer technology for many years, seemingly performance has been constantly advancing, but for decades it is based on the same principle, it is not a real scientific breakthrough. However, the quantum computer is different, it is the use of quantum theory, can provide almost unlimited possibilities, because people can "activate" an electron, it is also in multiple states, or multiple locations.

When an electron is in an excited state, it behaves like a bunch of waves. When the waves from their two states interfere with each other, the so-called "fingerprints" are left at the femtosecond pulse. The new multilayer plastic has a very strong absorption peak at a particular line in the CO2 spectrum, and even requires a 1000mw green laser to rapidly convert wavelengths from one layer to another during the cutting process. This dedicated laser requires a high accuracy at a single wavelength in the spectrum, with a potential high peak power of 100 to 1 or even higher for the average power ratio and a fast (> 10 kHz) pulse.Chila said that this real quantum effect will be seen as a new, controllable oscillation frequency and direction. And the most critical is that the femtosecond laser pulse is fast enough to intercept it in the gap of the electrons into the excited state, allowing it to be used to achieve more operations.

We know that the microprocessor consists of several layers of different materials, they are stacked together in order to become an electronic component. These electronic components are very small and can only be seen with a microscope. They act as switches in a square grid and control calculations. Over the past 2016, the television field said that the industry's display technology is no doubt "laser display technology." Since the laser display technology has been, the projector's combat effectiveness of the surge. In 2016 the laser projection market, and gradually opened, and all the way soaring, according to statistics, 2016 burning laser pointer projection product sales of 11 million units, compared to 2015 increased by 4 times, marking the laser projection has entered a comprehensive development Golden age. Because the distance between the electronic components is calculated in nanometers, the smaller the distance between them, the more things a chip can hold. Why process process becomes smaller and smaller, not only the performance can become more powerful, energy consumption will become low? Reducing the distance between the electronic components will reduce the current capacity of the transistor terminal and increase the switching frequency. Transistor in the switch electronic signal, its energy consumption and current capacity is directly related, so the energy consumption will naturally be lower.

But now we have to deal with the problem is that although manufacturers are still able to continuously improve the process technology, and constantly optimize the architecture to obtain performance and energy on the upgrade, but this upgrade is very slow and limited. First of all, subject to the 5000mw green laser cutting process, without destroying the premise of silicon atoms, chip manufacturing is the theoretical limit, that is 0.5 nm. However, 0.5 nm in fact almost can be said to be impractical, much larger than this process have a low yield and low leakage rate of the problem.

There is also a phenomenon that can not be ignored, that is the so-called quantum tunneling. When the chip process is less than a certain degree of time, the semiconductor will no longer be bound to live electrons, which suddenly began to unimpeded. In addition to the screen size and performance advantages, the 3000mw laser pointer TV eye function is also one of the characteristics of LCD TV does not have, and eye function is also precisely to meet the needs of most consumers to buy. We need to control electrons to achieve on and off, that is, 0 and 1. If the "0" can not be achieved, then the system maintained by the modern computer will no longer exist. According to the industry's argument, this limit should be stuck in 5 nanometers.

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